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About The Retreat

The Quilt Retreat is all on main floor including the sleeping arrangements.

Retreat Kitchen

A wonderful space for some cooking or just to make some snacks to keep your energy up for quilting. It comes furnished with the basic cookware, plenty of dishware and flatware, dishwasher and secondary refrigerator! Bring your food, have food delivered or shop at our local grocery stores.

Retreat Dining Area

This area is large enough to comfortably seat at least twelve people. This is one of the most requested items mentioned when we were researching “what people want.” We know you all want to sit together to catch up on each other’s lives.

Sewing Area

The sewing area is a dream come true!! The sewing room has 12 3×8′ solid wood sewing stations with Bernina or Koala chairs and great lighting. There are 2 spacious 4×8′ cutting stations and 2 ironing stations with irons.

Quiet Quilting Area

We will be building a Quiet Area. This is an area separate from the sewing room for hand stitching and just quiet time. We have a television in the main sewing area complete with Dish Network.

Quilting Supplies

The Sewing Palace, Prickly Pear Quilts, Creative Stitches, Montana Longarm and Supplies and Bell Creations Quilts are all great stores in our area. Quilters need to bring their sewing machine, a rotary cutter and sewing projects.